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FIRA is the first Croatian application that, in addition to invoicing, also provides insight into balance and turnover of Croatian bank accounts - safely and easily.


What our users say about the FIRA app.

  • Alan Žepec
    FIRA covers all our needs, including quotes, invoices and e-invoices. The best thing is that in FIRA we can monitor the balance and turnover of our bank accounts in one place every day.
    Alan Žepec
    LQ - Strive for development
  • Very easy to use application, easy to create an account and easy to generate the necessary data at any time!
    Karolina Šiljić
  • Registration couldn't be simpler - one click and the application is ready. Kudos to you for not having to enter a credit card during registration!
    Adrian Gjergjizi
    ScaleUp IT d.o.o.
  • We were looking for a solution for creating offers, invoices and fiscal invoices and we found FIRA. FIRA is extremely intuitive and easy to use and allowed us to get started quickly without additional training.
    Josip Pecevski
  • As an accountant, I can highly recommend FIRA. The app is very easy to use and invoices can literally be created in a minute. It has never been easier to register and send eInvoices! Fiscalize invoices anywhere and anytime!
    mag.oec. Marina Farčić
    Računovodstveno Knjigovodstveni Servis LARUS
  • Before FIRA, I used free online programs for issuing invoices and excel, but over time I needed something faster and simpler, adapted to the needs of my business.
    Dejana Milković
    VIRTUOS, obrt za usluge
  • With the FIRA application, I got a complete overview of offers and outgoing invoices. My accountant used to do it for me, but now I save time and have everything under control myself.
  • FIRA perfectly covers my business process: creating an offer at the beginning of a project, converting an offer into an invoice with one click, and automated tracking of invoice collection with open banking.
    Luka Vetma
    Forte Solar d.o.o.
  • I am a flat-tax payer who has been using the FIRA application since the first account. As I come across a lot of different invoicing services in my work, I can say that FIRA is the most intuitive to use, the most comprehensive, and the customer service is excellent. It has all my recommendations!
    Maja Butorac
    AUXILIUM consulting
  • With FIRA, I save up to 20 minutes for each outgoing invoice, which, in relation to the number of invoices, sums up to as much as 150 hours or almost 19 working days in a year!
    Vlaho Komparak
    OPG Komparak
  • We have quite a few similar recurring accounts. Registries and the possibility to copy the contents of the previous account speed up the process a lot.
    Goran Čović
    Apolon Bazeni d.o.o.
  • Bank account statements are a thing of the past with FIRA open banking! he FIRA application is very innovative because I can get an overview of all bank accounts in one place.
    Robert Ilijaš

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